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Do you want to serve your pet a meal in a truly royal way?
We have something for him! And for you!


Price: 195,00 € inc. 23% tax

Made of
iroko wood & brass

200 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm

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An elegant wooden bowl made entirely of solid wood. We used exotic iroko – high durability parameters and natural oils contents make it resistant to moisture. To serve your pet as long as possible, the bowl was impregnated with Italian olive oil. Due to food contact, the bowl is not varnished. Preservation of the raw, natural wood surface ensures positively experience by both, pets and their owners. The form of the bowl fits perfectly in modern and traditional interiors. It’s also a functional decoration.
The decorative pattern at the bottom of the bowl was made of three brass circles. You can change their arrangement to get two noticeably different bowls. Underneath the bowl, there are non-slip pads, which prevents the bowl from moving during the meal but also allows to evaporate off any moisture accumulated under the bowl.
The product is made of a material that requires regular maintenance. It is recommended to oil the bowl with olive or cooking oil, after drying, once every 14 days. Maintenance instructions will be included during the shipment. The shade of the final product depends on the material, which is not uniformly coloured. Colour may also vary depending on the type of monitor. If you want to match the bowl to specific shades and colours, please contact us after purchase, and we will choose the right piece of wood.

The offer applies to one piece made of iroko.The bowl is dedicated to using for animals, but if its design matches your interior, you can also use it as a bowl for sweets or fruits

All products designed by deeVory are created with passion and focused on high precision and quality. They are not produced on a mass scale and are subject to strict quality control. Each order is carried out practically on an ongoing basis, and the package will be sent to you no later than 7 calendar days after finalizing payment of the order. However, if you want to receive your order faster, please contact us and we will do our best to deliver it within the required time.
Ongoing production allows us to tailor the product to your needs. So if our product would acquire an individual character – we are waiting for your ideas and suggestions.

deeVory products are designed and manufactured in Poland. The price of the product is the result of already optimized indirect costs and is not negotiable. However, we will gladly give you a discount when you buy a larger amount – after all, our costs also decrease then To get more details, contact us via e-mail.