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Do you dream about waking up by the sound of birds singing? Make winged friends your neighbours and enjoy their view outside the window every day!


Price: 90,00 € inc. 23% tax

Made of
pine wood

435 mm x 200 mm x 380 mm

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The birdhouse with 36 mm of a diameter of inlet hole proves itself perfectly as a seasonal home for northern wryneck, all kind of tits, nuthatch, sparrow or European pled and collared flycatcher.

To make access difficult for predators, the wall thickness around the inlet hole has been increased to 60 mm.

The birdhouse is made of 18 mm thick pine boards and workmanship ensures maximum tightness against rain, snow and wind. Out of concern for both, adults and the nestling, birdhouse it is not varnished, but covered by linseed oil, which is a natural impregnating agent. To ensure longer life of the birdhouse, it is recommended to clean and covered by linseed oil after each season. However, you need to make sure in advance that all the birds have already left their temporary housing. The inspection flap located on the birdhouse floor will help you with annual cleaning. In the instruction, we will give you after ordering you will find more details on how to prepare for this.

Remember to carefully choose a place to hang the birdhouse. It should be out of reach of an adult, preferably at a height not lower than 3.5 meters above ground level. Choose a quiet place, away from the bustle of the street. It is recommended to hang birdhouses at a distance of not less than 30 meters from each other. The design does not include a stick under the inlet hole, which makes it easier for predators to get inside. In the set, you will find a handle for the stable hanging of the house on the tree.